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About us

At ARDE, we design and hand-knit cool bags using upcycled yarns sourced from excess materials discarded by factories.

We bet on individuality - every bag has its own character and is one of a kind, released only in limited drops.


Our story begins, as it should, with a bag. Luci has been knitting and crocheting since a young girl, taught by her grandma and mum, and Claudia has been wearing and loving bags for as long as she can remember. As basically sisters, with a friendship spanning a decade, it was only natural that our shared passions would intertwine. And so, ARDE was born.

We began experimenting with fabrics discarded by factories, and it was incredible to see wearable pieces emerge from materials destined for landfills. Since then, we have been building a network of mostly Indonesian women who knit in their homes and communities together, all part of this passion project.

We select the yarns we love most and quality is best but we never know what colour or fabric we will be able to get in the future. Once we release a drop, it won't be coming back as it's unlikely we'll ever find the same materials again.

This means no two bags are ever the same. When you buy an ARDE, you're getting an artisan piece; a recycled, repurposed, one-of-a-kind bag that has taken hours to create and years to master.

Thanks for your support,

Luci & Claudia