It all started with a bag - as it should be. 

Luci has been knitting and doing crochet for more than 7 years and Claudia has been wearing and loving bags since she can remember. It all came together in a month, when one thing led to another and that another was ARDE. 

We started experimenting with fabrics that had been discarded by factories and it was just so cool to see a wearable piece come out of what was supposed to go to landfill.

Since then, we have been creating a network of (mostly) Indonesian women that knit in their houses, in their communities, and that are part of this passion project.

We work with the fabrics that we get. We select the ones we like the most but we never know what it's going to arrive, as it's excess from factories. And that is the beauty of it. No two bags are ever the same due to the nature of them being handmade and of the yarns being all different. 

What you get when you buy an ARDE is an artisan piece - a recycled repurposed unique bag that has taken ours to make, and years to learn how to make. 

Thank you for being on this ride with us. 

Luci & Claudia


Upcycled Fabrics Crafted In The Beach Natural Enviroment